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Close to 220 CLU students took part in internships this past year, obtaining valuable career experience while taking advantage of California Lutheran Universtity’s proximity to the scientific, business and philanthropic organizations that call this area home. Within this group, several students chose to step up to the plate and intern with companies involved in the high-stakes world of professional sports.

Since Southern California is home to numerous professional sports teams and sports media outlets, these students had the opportunity to see what goes on behind the scenes in the multi-billion dollar field of pro sports, and the skills they acquired can only enhance their future careers as they themselves “go pro” and “play ball.”

Nicole Chang [Senior]
Major: Communication with emphasis in public relations/advertising
Hometown: Woodland Hills, CA
Internship: CBS/KCAL Sports
“I’m a sports fanatic—whether playing or watching—so working with the sports and news broadcasters has been the experience of a lifetime. So far my most memorable moment has been attending a hockey game with the CBS/KCAL camera crew, watching from the box, and then interviewing the players before, during and after the game. My passion is sports broadcasting, but broadcasting in general is what I love. This internship couldn’t be more spelled out to what I want to do. It’s another stepping stone that brings me closer to my career.”

Lauren Puopolo [Senior]

Major: Communication
Hometown: Oak Park, CA
Internship: Sports/Entertainment conglomerate AEG and the Los Angeles Clippers

“Sports and sports marketing are fast paced, constantly evolving and very challenging. I love that challenge. Once you get a taste for it you don’t want to leave. In my internships, I worked in sales and marketing. At AEG—a sports entertainment company that owns the Kings, part of the L.A. Galaxy, and some of the Lakers—I worked on some amazing events like the Women’s Tennis Classic. And working for the Clippers gave me the confidence and experience I need to succeed in the industry. It is only going to open doors for me in the future.”

Kara Rogers [Senior]

Major: Marketing, Communication
Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA
Internship: Universal Sports

“There are constant opportunities to learn at Universal. Right now I’m taking the lead on marketing the Equestrian World Games, and I now know tons about that sport—for instance to ‘piaffe’ is to have the horse trot in place. And it’s not just the sporting industry I’m learning. It’s a lot about marketing too, and I get to apply what I learned in class at CLU. Just today my boss asked me if I knew about Nielsen ratings, which I do, thanks to Surveying and Broadcasting class, and so I was able to help him on a project.”

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  1. Stella
    Posted 5 Apr ’11 at 7:22 pm | Permalink

    It’s great to see that more women are interested in sports.

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