Journey Across Japan

MEDITATE The ancient Kasuga Taisha shinto shrine in Nara, near Osaka, beckons both tourists and pilgrims to enter its gates.

When seven CLU students and sociology professor Akiko Yasuike left for a two-week study trip to Japan this past May, they set off to explore one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world—yet one that still retains its own unique traditions and institutions. From medieval castles to neon-lit Shinjuku, from Kyoto’s ancient gardens to its Manga Museum—the students experienced many different facets of modern Japanese life. As Professor Yasuike explained, “I wanted my students to become immersed in a society quite different from American culture.” Each year, around 100 CLU students take part in short study trips and longer semester exchanges, and this year CLU’s new Study Abroad Endowment Fund received a donation of $650,000 to help fund international study experiences.

“I had a lot of fun walking around the different cities and eating all sorts of food, but the time spent with the people who I went on the trip with was priceless”

- Brad Yajima, Senior, International Study Major

“I really enjoyed exploring the temples and shrines. They were each so unique and different from each other. My favorite place was definitely the Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto, and I loved walking through all the toriis at night. Toriis are Japanese gates at the entrances to temples, and at night they were all lit up – so peaceful and beautiful.”

- Lynn Clahassey, Senior, Communication Major

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    I’m from togo I realy enjoy i

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