Retreat and Reflection

SHARE It wasn'€™t just another day at the beach when students attended the First year Retreat in November and shared their thoughts on their transition to CLU and college life.

A Ventura beach house hosted the First Year Student Retreat this November, the sixth time the overnight event has been held. During the retreat at this picturesque spot, two groups of 35 students—led by five upperclassmen mentors—shared their thoughts on their first several months at CLU and on college life in general. In addition to discussing challenges they had encountered, the new students also explored a variety of opportunities for involvement in the upcoming spring semester. During the retreat, students also threw themselves into a low ropes course set up for the event, an activity that provided an opportunity for fun and making new friends as well as team building and personal confidence training.

“There were people at the retreat I didn’t know, but at the end of the night they were no longer strangers but friends I was able to share stories with at three in the morning. The retreat reminded me that just because we’ve become used to the people we know, it doesn’t mean we can’t make room for more.”

- Vladimir Iglesia, Freshman, San Diego, CA