Sandblast 2010

SPIKE If anyone had sand kicked in his or her face, it was only because the beach volleyball got a little heated at sandblast, the inaugural event for CLU intramurals.

In early September, CLU’s Office of Student Leadership and Programs hosted Sandblast 2010, a beachfront tradition and the first intramural event of the year, at Malibu’s beautiful Zuma Beach. Over 150 new and returning students attended the event, either taking part in the main beach volleyball tournament—competing in co-ed teams of four—or just cheering on friends, paddling around in the water, or working on their tans. The event introduces students to CLU’s organized intramurals program, which offers 11 sporting opportunities ranging from handball to inner tube water polo. And, new and returning students have the chance to mingle and meet while enjoying one of Southern California’s most stunning beaches a short drive from campus.

“Sandblast is perfectly named for what it is— literally tons of CLU students playing in the sand and having an absolute blast.Whether you are a new student or a seasoned vet like me, just like everything you do at CLU, you’re bound to meet someone new.”

- Cass Hallagin, Senior, Burlington, CO

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