Constructing Careers

Clu Students And Alumni Explore Opportunities At The Annual Career Expo And Intern Fair.

An average week in the CLU Career Services Office is anything but quiet. A student dropping in might find a workshop on résumé writing or making the most of a job fair, or a seminar on applying to med school or negotiating a salary. Meanwhile, the Office’s database of almost 10,000 registered companies—from the Sierra Club to Lockheed-Martin to the L.A. Dodgers—results in hundreds of internship and job opportunities for students. This spring Career Services presented over 400 internship opportunities to CLU students, as well as more than 500 full-time job listings for graduating seniors and alums.

“We keep up with all current trends and use technology to deliver customized services to students. And our services are free of charge, even after students graduate.”

- Cindy Lewis, Director, Career Services