Stargazing In Griffith Park

Focus Star-signs of all kinds—both heavenly and earthbound—are on view across L.A.’s own “Central park.”

High over Hollywood, with views stretching from Downtown LA to the ocean, Griffith Park reflects Los Angeles at its most iconic. Look one way to see the famed Griffith Observatory, home to star parties and scientific exhibits, and where key parts of “Rebel Without a Cause” were filmed. Look the other way and the world-famous Hollywood sign looms overhead, the symbol of a city built on dreams. At over 4,200 acres, the park is also the largest urban wilderness area in the U.S., with dozens of miles of hiking trails and home to the renowned Los Angeles Zoo, Greek Theater, and LA Equestrian Center. Recently, a group of Cal Lutheran students enjoyed a fun-filled day in the park, taking in the incredible sights and city views from the Griffith Observatory.