Experience, So Cal Style

Grow Experience, So Cal Style

Over 300 Cal Lutheran students took on internships last year, gaining firsthand experi- ence and insight into future careers by working for a variety of local businesses. With Cal Lutheran’s location in the heart of Southern California, students have easy access to the entertainment companies of L.A. and Burbank, the biotech and medi- cal device firms of Thousand Oaks, and a wide variety of other cutting edge opportunities. As communication major Josh Hibbert said of his internship with a local social media company, “I’m glad I got to learn about social media like I did in my internship while I’m still young, since I can use it to my advantage later in life with whatever career I pursue.”

Caitlin Skelly, Senior

Warner Bros. Records
Hometown: New Freedom, PA
Major: Communication (Emphasis In P.R./Advertising) and French

“I’m in the Radio Promotion department, which gets airplay for our artists’ songs, working with the VP of
Promotion to track the music charts and promote records. Day to day, I organize mailings to promote new albums, assist with company-wide updates on radio play, manage the WBR Top 40 blog, and assist with Twitter contests. I’ve also accompanied artists to LA radio stations, attended some great concerts, and helped coordinate charity events.
I applied to Warner Bros. on a whim, not knowing anything about the music business or what I wanted to do with my life. I’ve completely fallen in love with how to apply my communication and PR skills to the industry.”

Andrea Hernandez, Senior

Kono Social
Hometown: Oxnard, Ca
Major: Marketing Communications

“My current internship has been a dream come true! Who wouldn’t want to be on Facebook all day as a full-time job?
While I may joke that this internship only entails being on Facebook, actually I am learning first-hand how to help a busi- ness with virtually no online presence develop a strong following online and, in turn, increase profits. Social media at the end of the day is a profitable industry and I love working for a company that helps business owners who know noth- ing about social media to see an increase in their profits. That by far is the most rewarding thing.”

Chris Park, Senior

East County Ventura Sheriff’s Department
Hometown: Torrance, Ca
Major: Criminal Justice

“I learned important aspects of the department from working in admissions, traffic, crime analysis, records, and with detectives—essentially the basics on how they run the department. I was even able to go on ride-alongs with traffic and patrol officers. This internship definitely broadened my knowledge. I am interested in becoming a police officer, and being able to work and ask questions about their field was beneficial. Also, putting what I learned in the classroom into real life perspective was exciting.”

Lindsay Adler, Senior

Los Angeles Kings Hockey
Hometown: Thousand Oaks, Ca
Major: Communication (Emphasis in P.R./Advertising)

“This is my second season as a communications game night intern with the Stanley Cup-winning Los Angeles Kings. My job is to go to every home game and help set up the press box and press room, as well as make sure that the coaches, executives, broadcasters, and media have everything they need. After each game, we get quotes from different players and coaches, transcribe them, and then pass out the full quote sheet to the media. The night we won the Stanley Cup was a once in a lifetime experience, and one I will never forget. I was on the ice after the game and able to touch the Stanley Cup. I can’t even begin to describe how amazing it was to be a part of the organization when they won.”