Gone Clubbing

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Cal Lutheran had a record 66 student clubs this year, giving students the opportunity to socialize over shared interests, develop career contacts, or explore shared cultural, religious, or political values. Students with an athletic bent might join the Backpacking Club for an outing—one recent trip took them to Big Sur—or hone fencing skills (or just learn the basics) with the Cal Lutheran Fencing Club, which meets each Wednesday.Those with an eye towards performance might join the A Capella Club, while service-minded students can volunteer with Cal Lutheran’s Habitat for Humanity chapter, or help the Action Abroad Alliance with an activity, like fundraising for last year’s Japanese earthquake. Scores of career and cultural clubs are available as well. At Cal Lutheran, there’s a club for everyone.

Ultimate Frisbee Club

Activities: Playing Ultimate Frisbee (aka “Ultimate”) around campus every Friday afternoon from 3 to 5pm, as well as periodic Glow-in-the-Dark night games

Where: Kingsmen Park or Mt. Clef Field

“The club takes pride in being a group that allows anyone, at any time, to come out and get involved and integrated right away without feeling the pressure of not knowing someone or having played before. This club embodies the heart and soul of Cal Lutheran—a space that has absolutely no perception of judgment, that builds a person to be the best they can and want to be.”
— Nick Tasker, Club President

Hillel Club

Activities: Providing a religious club on campus for Jews and people interested in learning about Judaism, sharing in the diversity of the CLU community, celebrating Jewish holidays and events devoted to tolerance

Recent Events: Celebrating Sukkot, Hanukkah Party, Rock Your Roots campus-wide multicultural celebration

“One of my favorite events was the Yom HaShoah (Holocaust remembrance) service, because we were able to hear a Holocaust survivor speak. Clara Knopfler was an absolute inspiration, and her storytelling was beautiful. I really enjoyed hearing her story of survival and positivity.”
— Alli Himber, Club President

Video Game Alliance

Activities: Game development, promoting and participating in individual and team-based projects, as well as discussing the video game industry, new technologies, and ethics

Recent Events: The development of the club’s first untitled first-person puzzle and mystery game based on the Cthulhu mythos by H. P. Lovecraft

“Our game stars a female explorer in the 1920s investigating an ancient Egyptian tomb. After being trapped within the cursed tomb, the explorer must solve puzzles, dodge traps, and race against time while navigating the labyrinth of twisting passages. We are looking to complete the first level demo by the end of summer. What I enjoy about the VGA is sharing this passion for video games with others while working as a team to create something new and, most importantly, having fun and forming friendships.”
— Richard Coan, Club President

Knights Lacrosse Club

Activities: Playing DII lacrosse as part of the MCLA (Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association) Southwestern Conference, and in the process supporting teamwork, competition, and community service

Where: Practice on the North Field, games are usually played on Mt. Clef Field

“I enjoy being a part of this club because it gives me a way to participate in a competitive sport while being a student here at Cal Lutheran. I’ve met a lot of friends playing lacrosse here, and we share common interests and have gotten to be very involved in the club.”
— Matt Achen, Club President