On The Uses Of Paint

Express Theatrical Artistry

A splash of paint can transform a room, but in Cal Lutheran’s case, a little paint goes a long way towards showing just how colorful campus life already is. Some students use paint to carry on a tradition: painting the CLU Rocks on the hills above campus, something incoming freshmen do each fall and departing seniors do in May as they bid farewell to their day-to-day life at Cal Lutheran. Across campus, expression of a different sort takes place as the cast and crew of Cal Lutheran theatre productions paint sets and paint themselves in order to maximize dramatic transformations like they did for their Spring production of Jekyll & Hyde: The Musical. Meanwhile, the brushstrokes on view in the Senior Art Show, which takes place at the end of each academic year in the Kwan Fong Gallery, reveal how far senior art majors have come as they exhibit their creativity for all to see.