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When Cal Lutheran’s 163 full-time and 210 part-time professors go online, it might be to do research for their latest scholarly work—like communication professor Sharon Docter, who recently published an article on whether political bloggers should get journalist-style legal protection. Or they might be going online to post on their blog, like poli sci professor Jose Marichal, whose regular contributions to the ThickCulture blog explore the intersection of technology, politics, and social media. (Professor Marichal’s book Facebook Democracy will be released late 2012.) Of course, one online destination entices both students and professors alike—Facebook. And CLU faculty members love to share, comment, and hit the “Like” button.

Russell Stockard

Associate Professor of Communication
Faculty Profile


Salsa Music
Brazilian Samba
Latin Jazz
Merengue Music

“I claim New Orleans as my hometown and Treme is an historic district there that has produced a number of African American musicians, including one of my favorites, Kermit Ruffins. I’m also a fan of world music in general and Latin music specifically. Salsa and Samba are both dance music forms which I like to try out.”

Louise Kelly

Assistant Professor of Exercise Science
Faculty Profile

Personal Running Trainer
Griffith Park Trail 10k
Save Cahuenga Peak
Monkey Bar Gym La

“I enjoy the freedom that comes with running; I pop my iPod in and away I go. Granted, it’s snail pace at the minute but I’m aiming to run a few 5k’s this summer and eventually build up to the LA marathon.The running links on FB help me with training, locating races near my home, searching for the latest new trainers and also with running groups near my home. I love the fact that once I ‘liked’ a page, FB located similar links for me.”

Andrea Huvard

Professor of Biology and Environmental Science
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Elings Park BMX Raceway
Freedom Park BMX Raceway
Gold Coast BMX Racing
Blindside BMX
Santa Maria BMX Track

“BMX is my family’s sport.We have been involved for about 18 years and now it is hobby gone obsession gone business. Most of our close friends come from BMX and all four of my kids either ride or used to ride. For my 50th birthday, we had a party (invites via a private group on FB) and 90% of the people there were from the BMX world.”

Michael Pearce

Associate Professor and Art Department Chair
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Kwan Fong Gallery Of Art & Culture
The Representational Art Conference 2012
LACMA Los Angeles County Museum Of Art
MOCA | The Museum Of Contemporary Art

“The Kwan Fong Gallery page keeps people up to date with the exciting events that we are putting together in the gallery.We also have a Facebook page that we use to tell people about our Representational Art Conference coming up in October this year, a page that describes what is going on with the event and allows people to share information.”

Michael Arndt

Professor of Theatre Arts
Faculty Profile

CLU Theatre Arts Department
Kingsmen Shakespeare Company

“The CLU Theatre Department’s Facebook page gives the department a highly visible presence in social media to share what we are doing in terms of shows and activities with current students, alumni, and patrons. I link to the Kingsmen Shakespeare Company as I am one of the founders of the Festival and the artistic director of the company.”