Rock On

Sing posters

Cal Lutheran attracts its share of bands and has a homegrown crew of aspiring rockstars. Some student musicians take advantage of the Digital Music Lab, where state of the art equipment—from microphones to mixing boards—gives them the chance to mix demos and record their own songs. Rock the Campus performances, where visiting bands bring their tunes to campus, always provides a welcome musical interlude—like recent performances by Black Party Politics and Workday Release. And LA’s famed music scene is just a short drive away. Into this acoustic atmosphere, a number of Cal Lutheran students have formed their own garage bands and performance groups, always ready to jam.

The Leftovers

Vocals and Rhythm Guitar: Bjorn Lindholm, Senior
Lead Guitar, Back-Up Vocals: Kevin Oliver, Senior
Piano, Guitar, Back-Up Vocals: Addison Money Senior, Junior

“We play a wide variety of music and jam a lot here on campus. We all play acoustic instruments, but we enjoy playing many different genres. Most commonly, we play folk or alternative songs, and really enjoy playing music together.”
— Bjorn Lindholm


Guitar and Vocals: Kevin Bowen, Senior
Guitar: Kevin Oliver, Senior
Bassist: Andrew Oliver, Senior
Drums: Nate Maxwell-Doherty, Senior
Keyboard: Gillian Sanhamel, Sophomore

“We sound a lot like two guitars, a bass, keyboards, and a drum set… at least that’s how we describe ourselves to everyone. But it’s sort of this independent sound that still has strings tied to what mainstream is. We’re constantly changing as well. It’s hard to describe music, let alone your own.”
— Kevin Oliver

Terminal 2

Vocals, Tambourine, Maracas: Catherine Widmann, Junior
Vocals and Guitar: Jordan Skinner, Senior

“Terminal 2 plays music with folk, jazz, blues,
indie, and classic rock influences. Jordan and I have been playing together since our freshman year, so we’re really in tune to each other. That adds an interesting aspect to live performances and song writing, because we can play off of intuition.”

— Catherine Widmann