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When thousands of rugby fans poured into New Zealand from around the world for the Rugby World Cup last fall, among their ranks were five Cal Lutheran students, four of which are CLU rugby players, who combined a semester abroad with their love of the sport. As four studied at the University of Wellington and one at the Auckland University of Technology, these CLU students also had plenty to learn as they experienced a nation gripped by “rugby fever,” gaining an interesting exposure to another country’s culture. As Kristen Keough, captain of the Cal Lutheran Women’s Rugby Team, put it, “It was like Rugby heaven.” Last year nearly 200 students participated in study abroad programs in destinations throughout the world.

Studying in New Zealand was great, and being there during the World Cup was amazing. When the World Cup games started, we met people from all over the world whose teams were playing… from Argentina, South Africa,Tonga. We even went to the Australia-U.S. game, dressing up and painting our faces. Totally fun. And getting to see New Zealand celebrate when the Kiwi team eventually won was amazing. The entire city came out, dancing in the streets.

Kristen Keough
Hometown: Camarillo, Ca
Majors: Economics and Political Science, With a Minor in Math

I studied bioengineering while abroad, and took organic chemistry, pharmacology, physiology, probability, and statistics. Then, seeing the World Cup finals of a sport that I enjoy and play back home… I even expanded my knowledge and skill at the game.

Jonathan Diaz
Hometown: Los Angeles, Ca
Major: Bioengineering