CAL LU Magazine is published twice a year by California Lutheran University, Office of Undergraduate Admission.

About CLU

California Lutheran University is an intellectually rich community of people dedicated to the life of the mind. It’s the perfect size to ensure lively debate, a diverse curriculum, and a learning environment that values the individual.

Becoming well-educated is a balancing act that lasts a lifetime. It’s about pursing knowledge of the competing and complementary forces that create your world. That’s why the liberal arts are important. They enable the big picture perspective needed to connect today’s realities.

69 Majors and Minors

Planning for a career is important, but an education that prepares you for a changing world is one of the greatest gifts you’ll ever receive. True to our Lutheran tradition, our integrated curriculum will help you learn to ask the right questions, to think critically, to analyze, process, transform and communicate information. With 37 majors and 32 minors, we encourage you to sample classes widely, building a broad base of knowledge.

Find What’s Right For You

We realize your interests may not fit neatly into an academic box. Whether you enter college with a definite major in mind, or an awareness of the areas you want to explore, California Lutheran University’s academic program offers distinctive ways to combine interdisciplinary interests with practical career preparation.

At CLU, you can be whoever you want to be. But that doesn’t mean everyone will agree with you. There’s room for more than one opinion. Professors and other students will challenge your beliefs and knowledge. Challenge them right back. Get to know people who see the world differently from you. Test your beliefs and values — in the classroom, on campus, and in the community. Participate in the “Conference on Violence and Human Dignity in World Religion” one day, then listen to a civil rights activist the next.

We won’t tell you what to think or where to go. We’ll teach you how to think and let you find your own path. Equipped with the ability to gather information, assess diverse perspectives, and draw your own conclusions, you’ll make good choices.