Letter from the Director

Opportunities for new discoveries abound at California Lutheran University.

These moments are found in every facet of the student experience, both within and outside the classroom. In this issue of CalLu Magazine, you will see how our university community is committed to guiding each individual in finding and pursuing their academic and personal passions. Our students are constantly on the leading edge of undergraduate education.With the opening of our brand new Scientific Computing center, we are poised to advance the latest findings in bio-engineering and physics. For those whose interests cross the boundaries of multiple academic disciplines, there are Cal Lutheran faculty who uncover innovative ways to bridge seemingly separate subjects, such as Chemistry and Political science. Our professors aim to challenge their classes—and themselves—to develop new ways to learn.

But the classroom is only the beginning, as Cal Lutheran undergraduates bring their experiences to the greater campus and beyond. Students showcase their talents and passions in an array of settings. For the Kingsmen and Regals, there is no limit to how they find a new niche of their very own. Whether immersing in the rugby-loving culture of New Zealand while studying abroad or giving back through service to communities in Alabama, Cal Lutheran students continue to find new endeavors to integrate what they love to do around the world. For them, there truly are no limits—just new frontiers.

As you learn about each of these experiences and perspectives from the Cal Lutheran community, think about what opportunities you may want to explore. Consider the concepts that drive your curiosity and the ideas you yearn to make a reality.Then see how you can discover all of this and more at California Lutheran University.

Warm regards,
Michael M. Elgarico
Director of Undergraduate Admission