An updated Cal Lutheran Home Page

By now you have certainly noticed that the home page looks a little different – and hopefully you’re liking it so far. Here’s a little background on why we did it:

  • Updated look and feel. The old home page was starting to show it’s age compared to many of our newer designs throughout the rest of the website. We’ve given it a minor facelift to meet our current visual standards.
  • Larger photos. The one thing we constantly hear – from both the campus community and prospective students and parents – is more photos! So we revamped the slideshow to use larger, more dynamic photos and plan to update them ore frequently in the past. News stories and event also received larger photos, as well.
  • More prominent audience links. We’ve always included links for prospective students, current students, faculty & staff, etc., but they weren’t very visible and only included a handful of links in the dropdown menus. Now they take center stage and link to dedicated landing pages that provide much more information.
  • Mobile version. The home page now has a mobile-friendly version that’s formatted for small screens. Instead of forcibly redirecting mobile visitors to our dedicated mobile website at, you can now easily access home page content without having to pinch and zoom the desktop version.

We hope this minor update breathes some new life into the home page as we prepare for even greater changes down the road. Stay tuned for more!

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