Student Rep Breakfast Minutes – Spring Term 2012

A representative from each ADEP class attended the meeting.

The Student Rep Breakfast is held every term to get student input on the ADEP experience. It helps the administration and staff take into consideration student concerns, questions, and needs and incorporate improvements into the program. This term, the breakfast was held in on Wednesday, March 21st in the Roth Nelson room on the main campus in Thousand Oaks.

In case you missed the meeting, below are the minutes for your reference:

ADEP Office Information: The ADEP office is open Monday through Thursday from 8:30 to 6:30 pm and Fridays 8:30 to 5:00 pm. Please contact the office anytime you may have a question at (805) 493-3543.

Blackboard: It is has been beneficial. Some instructors still do not know how to use it. Maintenance of this software hasn’t affected classes. Students stated they would like to get rid of some of the items on their Blackboard page. Some students have stated their old courses still appear on their page. Please contact Eileen Leese for any Blackboard questions. She can be contacted at or (805) 493-3927.

CLEP: If you are interested in taking a CLEP exam in lieu of taking the course, please contact your adviser and review the following link:

Commencement: Better communication to ADEP students. The students thought they had to attend the cap and gown event only on one day. Should have a bigger area next year where students can obtain their cap and gown.

ADEP needs a graduation speaker!! Please contact Paul Witman at if you are interested in applying.

Counseling/Advisement: Effective counseling staff. They are very positive.

Email: Students stated they are getting too many spam emails from CLU. If you are getting emails from a department at CLU and no longer want to receive them, please contact that department. If you are getting emails that are spam, please contact the helpdesk at CLU to help filter these emails. The helpdesk email is and their phone number is (805) 493-3698.  To forward your CLU email to your personal email, please go to the following link: All correspondence from CLU will be sent only your CLU email. Please check your CLU email daily!!

Financial Aid: Kathy Palmer is the new financial aid person for ADEP. She is available anytime you need her. Her contact information is the following: (805) 493-3646 or She reviewed new requirements for financial aid and stated that all students must complete a new FASA every year for the following year. Currently, this form is due for next year. Assistantships and Scholarships (new students) are available every year. These are some other options to pay for tuition.

Instructors: Nicholas has been great with the Stat class. Cynthia Counter is incredible. Dr. Thon – biology doing a great job! Crenshaw is a great instructor. Enjoying HR. Thanks to all of our great ADEP instructors!

Low Enrolled Classes vs. Tutorials: Low enrolled classes are classes that were scheduled for the term, but have less than 8 students. These classes still must meet the number of hours, but can fulfill this requirement by completing their work online. It is up to the instructor along with the students on how to structure a low enrolled class. Students who would like to still meet face to face all of the required hours in a low enrolled class can by contacting their instructor. Tutorials are classes that are set-up for students who need the class to graduate and the class is not being offered within the term and/or year the student is graduating. These types of classes are only offered on a case by case basis and ONLY under special circumstance. Please see your advisor if you need a tutorial.

Off-site Campuses: Students stated they would like a tour of the off sites or contact information regarding the off-sites. For the WH site, please contact Vanessa Hernandez at (805) 493-3070 or For the OX site, please contact Randi Zimmerman at (805) 493-3050 or

Oxnard Site (OX): Good support system at Oxnard with the psychology students. The students are having a good experience in the psychology classes. Would like to see more security at the site. Randi Zimmerman, the new site supervisor, will talk to the security guard to make sure he/she is available for ADEP students at night. The students would like to have petty cash available at the front desk or a change machine. Randi will look into this. Students asked why this site doesn’t offer more business classes. In the new 2-year planner, more business classes will now be offered at the site. In the past, there were too few students to offer the entire business curriculum there, but now the business curriculum has been fully integrated into the 2-year planner. Students would like to meet less time in the class. For example, end class at 9:00. Classes cannot end earlier because of the Carnegie hour rule which governs how many hours of class time equals a unit earn at a college. However, an instructor can complement the class with an online component that can count as hours earned in the classroom, which then can reduce face to face time. The students asked about the tree covering the stoplight. Also, the crosswalk is not clearly marked within the center and one student got hit in the sidewalk this last year. Randi will contact the management company of the Oxnard site to see if they can address these items. The students asked if this site can be open longer hours. Starting in April, this site will be open from 9:00 am to 10 pm on Mondays through Thursdays and then on Fridays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Please check online for these changes in hours at the following link: or call the Oxnard campus at (805) 493-3050.

Parking: Parking is fine by Alumni Hall, but can be challenging by the Swenson building and Jamba Juice.

Textbooks: Students have stated that some books are unavailable at the bookstore because of a change in edition. Some instructors have changed editions before the class starts. This is because the publisher sometimes comes out with a later edition before the class starts. Please see your instructor for information on what edition would be appropriate for the class. Often times, the older edition can still suffice.

Temperature Issues: If you have classroom temperature problems, for TO, please contact campus security at (805) 493- 3208.  For the off-campus classrooms, please see the staff member at the site.

Tutoring: If you need assistance with a class, tutoring information is available at the following web site: Before researching tutoring options, please visit your instructor’s office hours. Every ADEP instructor must be available at least 1 hour per week outside of class time for assistance. If you have having any difficulties, please contact your advisor or the ADEP office.

WH Site: The site has lights everywhere and feels secure. There are newsletters posted up for students and assistance at the front desk. It is a great extension of the main campus. The new temporary advisor for WH is Kristy Fenstermaker and she can be reached at (805) 493-3515 or

Visit ADEP’s new Blog and Face Book pages:

Thanks to all of the class reps who attended the event!!

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