Meet our Student Workers!

Josie Gamez

Hello, my name is Josie and I am currently a third year undergraduate student at Cal Lutheran. This will also be my third year working in the ADEP office. I am majoring in Psychology with an emphasis in Family/Child Development. One of the main reasons I chose CLU is due to the amazing programs the social science departments offers.  Having the opportunity to work in small classes often gives me one-on-one attention with each of my professors; an opportunity most students do not have at larger universities.

My ultimate goal is to receive my Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) and to go into the Marital and Family Counseling field. Since attending CLU, my passion has only grown in this area of study. My professors inspire me every day; a reminder as to why I work very hard. Their passion for what they do only encourages me and pushes me to give it my all.

Christina Helm

Hello, my name is Christina. I am a junior at CLU and I am majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in Small Business/Entrepreneurship.  I have worked with ADEP for about ten months.  I chose to come to CLU for several reasons; the campus is gorgeous, the people are friendly, and CLU was just what I wanted in a University.

I am pretty involved at CLU.  I am Vice President of the aCLUpella club, a member of the Student Philanthropy Council, and I also participate in other clubs, such as the Secular Student Alliance.  I am also the team captain of the Relay for Life team called The Tumornators. Some of my hobbies include baking, playing volleyball, and doing zumba!  But I really do enjoy the little things in life, like going on the swings after class or going home and playing cards with my Grandma, who I am very close to.

After I graduate, I either want to go and work for a non-profit, such as the American Cancer Society, or I want to go into the culinary arts and someday own my own bakery.

Blanca Molina

Hi, my name is Blanca and I just completed my first semester as a transfer student at CLU. I also just completed my first semester working in the ADEP office. I am majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management.

CLU is a great school filled with people, instructors, and students that care about you and your future. I chose to come to CLU because of the small class sizes and the many opportunities that this school has to offer their students. Since the class sizes are small, we have more individualized attention from the instructors. The CLU instructors are here to help you succeed by offering many learning opportunities as well as offering plenty of office hours. Having the one-on-one attention in the classroom is what made CLU my number one choice.

I am not sure what position I would like to work in because there are so many options as a business major. One of my interests would be to work in Human Resource. My long-term educational goal would be to get my MBA in Management and Organizational Behavior.

Mariela Inda-Ramirez

Hello, my name is Mariela and I am currently a junior at CLU majoring in Psychology with an emphasis in Family and Child Development. I am the first in my family to go to college and have three younger siblings who encourage me to be a role model for them. I have been working with the ADEP Program office since March 2012 and I absolutely love it. The environment is very welcoming and the staff only makes it better!

I chose to attend CLU because it is such a small campus compared to the other options that I was considering, and its location, being close to home, sealed the deal for me. I just love it! After graduation, I plan to attend graduate school and get my Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and possibly get my teaching credential.

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