Kwan Fong Gallery


Month: January 2003

Art of Gretchen Beck

January 28, 2003

CLU’s Kwan Fong Gallery of Art and Culture is featuring an exhibit titled “Paradoxical” by Professor Gretchen Beck through Sunday, March 2. The work was inspired by the Fulani people of Niger in West Africa. Beck is director of the Art Department at Concordia University in Irvine. “Paradoxical” includes images inspired by the Nigerien environment in West Africa. The exhibit focuses on the Fulani people, examining the role of art within their culture and how images provoke our imaginations when considering the challenges of the Nigerien people. After graduation from college in 1992, Beck served three years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Niger, a land–locked country located in the Sahel desert. Presently, much of the Sahel suffers from severe deforestation, which makes it difficult for the population to produce enough food to survive. Read More

’65 for 65′

January 6, 2003

On View January 23 – February 7, 2003 To celebrate her 65th birthday, artist Susan Phelps Pearson set herself the challenge of creating one new work each day for 65 days. She was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh, who late in his life produced a painting a day for some 70 days. A well–known painter and assemblage maker, the Altoona, Wis., artist will exhibit her “65 for 65″ series. Included in the series are colored pencil drawings, chalk drawings and wire sculpture. The exhibit will also include representative assemblages and recent paintings. Pearson is currently writing and illustrating a book about Christmas in the 1940s inspired by old family photos and pleasant memories of family Christmases. Read More