Kwan Fong Gallery


Month: January 2005

Multimedia Design Journals on Display

January 4, 2005

On View January 30 – February 27, 2005 As part of their course work, the multimedia students keep a daily design journal of their lives in which they chronicle discovered moments, points in time that are amusing, sad, stupid, funny, inspirational, joyous, thought provoking or perplexing. From these unique experiences, the students create pages filled with images and words that portray their individual perspective on life. These journals prove that the simple decision to stop, observe, perceive, record can reap amazing results. Already at this beginning stage, the work reveals the sparks that will mature into a unique style, a signature look, a distinctive voice, a compelling vision. The collective power of the students’ work challenges you, the viewer, to bravely take the joyous leap and start your own journal. The inspiration you feel here is a delightful invitation to begin that exciting journey. Admission is free. For information, please call the University Relations Office at (805) 493–3151. Read More