New Romantic Figure Painting

Published July 13, 2011    

Update 2 – Video interviews with the artists!


The Ventura County Star wrote an article about this exhibition and said some great things about the resurgence of figurative painting.

Art show features resurgence of figurative painting
Michael Pearce, along with other West Coast artists, have their work featured in a show, The New Romantic Figure, at the Kwan Fong Gallery in CLUs humanities building.

Including works by:
Michael Lynn Adams, Peter Adams, Jeremy Lipking, Cyn McCurry, Michael Pearce, Tony Pro, Alexey Steele, Mia Tavonatti.

  • Saturday 20th August
    • Exhibit opens
  • Saturday 20th August 7pm
    • Opening Reception
  • Saturday 10th September 7pm
    • Artists reception
  • Friday September 30th
    • Exhibit closes

Romance is in the air at CLU’s Kwan Fong Gallery as we open our Fall season with an exceptional show of new romantic figurative paintings from contemporary masters.

Proving that grace and beauty is alive and well in contemporary art, these paintings bring a 21st Century point of view to the Victorian charm, Pre-Raphaelite romance and classical techniques of romantic oil painting. The revival of figurative painting in the new millennium has produced some exceptional artists, including those displaying their work in this group show. With all three principal members of the influential Novorealist group (Lipking, Pro and Steele), three of CLU’s Art faculty and the President of the California Art Club, this prestigious exhibit is a delight for admirers of the illustrious tradition of figurative painting that was almost lost in the 20th Century.

Sponsored by the Lois and Allan Friedman Family Foundation and the CLU Art Department