Kwan Fong Gallery


Month: July 2016


Rebecca Campbell: You are Here

July 30, 2016

Motivated by the lack of women’s representation in the art world, and in homage to the artists who inspire her, Campbell began her You are Here project in Fall 2015, which features a series of portraits of women artists working in Los Angeles. Read More

25 anniversario DIVEDCO

Art at the Service of the People: Puerto Rico’s DIVEDCO Poster Art

July 29, 2016

Beginning in 1949, Puerto Rico’s División de Educación de la Comunidad (Division of Community Education) or DIVEDCO created films and related posters and reading material for the didactic consumption of the island’s population. Read More

Lalla Essaydi

The Harem: Essentialized Sensuality | The Work of Lalla Essaydi

July 29, 2016

Images by Lalla Essaydi rejecting stereotypes and recasting images of the harem as a space for women in powerful and visually lush photographs. Read More