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An occasional chronicle of a late arrival to academic life. How can I be helpful and useful here?


Because I fell in with a bad crowd at a young age, I had become accustomed to thinking of language in terms of the jobs it does (and less in terms of the “meanings” “words” “have”, long before ever falling in with another bad crowd (notably one of the gang leaders) and being more thoroughly […]


Having adjuncted in this program for a while now, I feel like I rather have the hang of prepping for a term. But I wonder whether I will ever lose the sense that I’m missing something, have forgotten something, have contradicted myself in the syllabus or between the syllabus and a grading rubric, or between […]


So this week I’m bidding farewell to life as a 100% clinician psychologist, and bidding hello to a new incarnation as full-time graduate faculty. Yet another plot twist in a drunkard’s-walk career. Today I started the day co-piloting ACT group supervision and ended the day with a full afternoon of clients. (Monday’s the official start […]