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Eric Harris (Jonathan Irwin) checked off issues on a psychological evaluation: “Anger, anxiety, authority figures, depression, disorganized thoughts, homicidal thoughts, jealousy, loneliness, mood swings, obsessive thoughts, racing thoughts, stress, suspiciousness…oh and… (a final check) …temper.” (Photo by Brian Stethem ’84)

Waiting for columbinus

March 5, 2019

Too young to remember the massacre in Colorado, the cast of this year’s Mainstage theater production has come of age in the shadow of Sandy Hook, Charleston, Orlando, San Bernardino, Route 91,… Read More

Kim Fox Photography

Biographer of the stars

November 20, 2018

As an observational stellar astrophysicist, assistant professor Mary Oksala uses telescopes located around the globe to tell the full life stories of the biggest, hottest stars.… Read More

By Brian Stethem '84

Common charity

July 18, 2018

A native of India who has worked in Dubai and Washington, D.C., assistant professor of management Sabith Khan sees answers to American problems in our acts of generosity.… Read More

Assistant professor of history Sam Claussen’s new course on Vikings asks how a small population terrorized northern Europe and then embraced the conquered people’s cultures. (Photo by Brian Stethem '84)

Tales of gore

March 15, 2018

Assistant professor of history Sam Claussen’s new course on Vikings asks how a small population terrorized northern Europe and then embraced the conquered people’s cultures.… Read More


Fourth movement

October 11, 2017

Assistant professor of music Yoshika Masuda – master cellist, director of string studies at Cal Lutheran and the fourth director of the University Symphony – feels the emotional weight of every performance.… Read More


‘The point is to make a difference in the community’

July 24, 2017

A scholar of the New Testament and the incoming rector of Cal Lutheran’s theological seminary in Berkeley, Ray Pickett has been watching local organizing efforts change the church.… Read More

Communication professor and attorney Sharon Docter argues in a recent, award-winning paper that journalists and bloggers should receive identical protections under libel laws. (Photo by Brian Stethem '84)

First, let’s sue all our enemies

March 16, 2017

While on the campaign trail, the current American president threatened defamation suits against women who accused him of sexual assault and promised to “open up” libel laws affecting journalists. Do we have… Read More

Fatted male 2 copy

Near equator, real monkeys wear shoulder pads

November 9, 2016

A Brazilian who first came to the U.S. for college, assistant professor of biology Anita Stone has returned frequently since 2000 to her own northern region of Brazil to watch squirrel monkeys… Read More

Photo by Brian Stethem '84

Cody Jones’ next five meters

July 7, 2016

Junior Cody Jones is a student senator, a double major in marketing communication and psychology, and a Paralympian in javelin who believes his best performances are ahead.… Read More

Head women’s volleyball coach Kellee Roesel (center) is surrounded by her coaching staff. From left: assistant coach/men’s volleyball head coach Kevin Judd, assistant coach Kassie Livesey, assistant coach/JV head coach Rachel Smith ’13, graduate assistant Kennedy Peters ’15 and conditioning coach Patrick Holmberg ’03, Ed.D. ’11. (Photo by Brian Stethem '84)

Victory at the big dance

March 9, 2016

Music and dancing help the Regals volleyball team release tension, and may have been keys to Cal Lutheran’s first NCAA team championship, says head coach Kellee Roesel. … Read More