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Letter to alumni

July 24, 2017

You changed the way I taught, encouraging my own natural orientation to mentor the soul, not just the intellect or even the heart.… Read More


Please call your bank

March 16, 2017

In order to empower others, privileged people need to work with our oppressed brothers and sisters. We can start by refusing to finance the pipeline that endangers drinking water at Standing Rock.… Read More


All my children

November 9, 2016

Having a son truly has helped me find empathy for people, including my little girl and boy characters from Japanese cartoons.… Read More

Photo by Josue Andino
Alumni News

Relax, Tegucigalpa

July 7, 2016

Beyond my for for a nonprofit in the Honduran capital, I instruct yoga classes and invite my students to release their heavy loads.… Read More

Photo by Brian Stethem '84

First female chaplain to go to sea

March 9, 2016

Although I was actually the fourth female chaplain to come on active duty in the Navy, in 1975, my three tours included a series of firsts.… Read More

The crew of the Nautilus starts the Hercules ROV on its journey into the ocean depths. (Photo by Melissa Baffa '95)

Go discover, young woman

November 9, 2015

The three big scientific ideas I encountered in college all came together this year. I want the next generation’s voyages to go even deeper.… Read More

Photo by Brian Stethem '84

No hack for this

July 15, 2015

In cyber security, others will see you as an obstacle to innovation or a drain on budgets. You’ll wonder whether you’re crazy.… Read More

Bolton works with his friend Austin Muñoz, a 20-year-old cancer survivor. (Photo by Brian Stethem)

Cancer brought me to this

March 10, 2015

High-level athletes are remarkable human beings. I ought to know. But my experience with cancer and the example of other survivors have taught me most of what I know about strength.… Read More

Ventus Vitae is located at 1880 Century Park East in Century City.

Reflections on liquid

November 5, 2014

My real connection to water comes through my use of glass. Glass is my medium, and water is its mate.… Read More

When her father, Brett, was recovering from a serious accident, Jackie Jones discovered that she had a gift for massage.

Talk to the hands

July 14, 2014

As a massage therapist, I learn a lot about my clients’ pain. First, I had to help my dad through his.… Read More