Harold Stoner Clark gave California Lutheran University the bulk and residue of his estate upon his death in 1983 for the purpose of endowing a chair in philosophy, or to be used as a grant for a guest lectureship bearing his name.

Clark charged the University with sponsoring guest speakers from the fields of science and philosophy. His desire was to have a lectureship that focused on the relation of philosophy and science, with special attention to the limitations of science. The University, upon Clark’s death, established a lectureship in his name. The first in the annual series of lectures was given in the fall of 1985.

Mr. Clark was fascinated all his life by a philosophical sense of wonder about what lies just beyond the reach of scientific research. His lifetime search for truth and meaning was a testament to the belief that philosophical discussion has an important place in our world. These lectures are dedicated, in honor of Mr. Clark’s intent, to that belief. The founding director of the Harold Stoner Clark Lectures is the late John Kuethe, professor emeritus of philosophy. The current director is philosophy professor Xiang Chen.