Lenten Devotions


Lent is a season of the Christian Church. Here is a 2 minute video that explains what Lent is.

Often during Lent, Christians take up a spiritual practice to honor the 40-day period in between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday. One spiritual practice is engaging with a daily sacred reading called a “devotion.” We have asked students, faculty, staff, Convocators and Regents connected to Cal Lutheran to write a devotion to share with our community. During Lent (March 6-April 20) we will send out a campus wide email with a devotion and short prayer. These devotions are Lutheran/Christian and we know that not everybody that works here at Cal Lutheran is Christian. It is our hope that these devotions might be a tool for spiritual reflection.

We look forward to be on this journey together to the cross through these devotions and the theme of Be Not Afraid. 

It starts with a simple question, “What are you afraid of?”  We all have fears; we know what they feel like, we understand that they keep us from doing, or achieving, or engaging, or overcoming, or even accomplishing.  

The witness provided from the Bible uses an ongoing and repeated phrase “Do not be afraid.”  The repetition of this phrase should cause us to ponder:

            Afraid of what?            Afraid of who? 

In relationship to God, the word “fear” in the bible ranges from a ‘mild uneasiness’ to ‘stark terror.’ It is also known as the beginning of ‘wisdom’ to ‘being human’ in ways we can barely comprehend. Fear produces a response, fear is its own response, and fear moves one toward reverence and obedience.