Cycling to raise money for a young man in Africa

Posted by pwitman - January 11, 2011

Not my usual geek-centric commentary, just a plug for a friend doing some great work. Heather Anderson has been a friend since she was born, and I’ve had the privilege of watching her career in international service blossom through the years. She’s served in numerous overseas posts, including Jamaica, Lithuania, and several countries in Africa.

On that last front, she has been working with and is now raising money for the education of a young man in Swaziland, Celemusa. Her story is much more compelling than my retelling, so I’d encourage you to check it out at You can find instructions for how to donate and how to spread the word at

Even 10 years ago, getting this type of project off the ground would be much more labor-intensive than it is now – but Web 2.0 and its tools and relationships have helped make broad connection and distribution much easier. Thanks in advance for checking it out, and for your support!

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