Church Technology Notes

Places to store your videos:


Explanatory videos (the “In Plain English” series by Lee LeFever) –

Includes videos on RSS, Social Media, Social Networking, Blogs, Twitter, and many more.

Skype call recording:

One option that claims to do both is called TotalRecorder ( It requires buying two separate things, for a total of about $90, though I suspect there may be a free trial option available.

Another option, apparently cheaper, is Pamela. It’s a one-item purchase, and has a 30-day free trial available.

You can also find a page (a bit dated, from 2006, but the concepts largely appear to be valid) at

Online Giving Tools:

  • – a percentage fee-based service that allows folks to donate to you.
  • – a service used also for many other purposes, but can be used for non-profit donations.

Mobile Apps for Churches:

Facebook for Churches:

a.       A series of upcoming and ongoing webinars:

b.      Some Facebook guidelines from a United Methodist Retreat Center:

c.       Not specifically about Facebook, but looks like it’ll be a good resource, and it’s got a great name:, and

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