The Next Gen Forum is a mentoring forum series that empowers, educates, and illuminates individuals interested in the financial planning industry. The forum presents an array of topics, including:

Alumni Interviews

Employee Benefits and Retirement Planning

Estate Planning


Financial Planning Policies

Introduction to Financial Planning

Investment and Portfolio Management

Risk Management and Insurance

Student Capstone Experiences

Student Interviews

Tax Management and Strategy

Working with Singles

Working with Women

Working with Couples

Working LGBTQ+

Working with Divorce


At each forum, an expert will discuss a topic in the field of financial planning to inspire critical thought and discussion.

Our Contributors


Photo 2Kirk Lesh, PH.D.

Assistant Professor Economics


(805) 493-3788




Photo One Hossein Salehi, PH.D. , CFP(R)

Assistant Professor, Financial Planning


(805) 493-3893




Photo 3Omairah Azizi

Graduate Program Specialist, Financial Planning and MPPA


(805) 493-3678




Photo 4Rafael Nieves Rios

Graduate Assistant