Derek Sensenig, a financial planner whose journey from military training instructor to CFP has given him a unique perspective on the evolving landscape of financial advising. Sensenig’s recent research draws parallels between tele-mental health and tele-financial planning, highlighting the need for adaptation and innovation in the face of changing environments.

We explore the benefits of virtual financial planning, such as increased geographical reach and efficiency, while also addressing the challenges in licensing, compliance, and privacy. Sensenig emphasizes the importance of finding the right fit between advisor and client, leveraging technology effectively, and continuously learning and adapting to stay ahead in the field.

From best virtual practices to prospecting strategies and niche development, Sensenig offers advice for financial planners looking to use their tele-financial planning capabilities. As the financial advisory landscape continues to evolve, Sensenig’s wisdom reminds us of the importance of embracing change and continuously striving for improvement in serving clients in a virtual world.


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