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How Can Advisors Improve Tele-Financial Planning?

Derek Sensenig, a financial planner whose journey from military training instructor to CFP has given him a unique perspective on the evolving landscape of financial advising. Sensenig’s recent research draws parallels between tele-mental health and tele-financial planning, highlighting the need for adaptation and innovation in the face of changing environments. We explore the benefits of […]

Renting Versus Home Buying

Everyone has, at some point, considered buying or renting a home. The reasons could be starting a family, living in a temporary home until you find your dream house, or becoming their first income-producing asset. However, in the last few months, home-buying demand has skyrocketed, along with the purchase of a home. Choosing to rent […]

Cryptocurrencies: The New Age of Digital Assets

Cryptocurrencies are digital coins that investors can use to either invest in the project they believe in or use as a form of payment to exchange goods and services. Although cryptocurrency is here to stay and can provide options to investors, there are many things that investors need to take into consideration. The first issue […]

How to Leverage COIs and Referrals to Grow Your Business

How to Leverage COIs and Referrals to Growth Your Business Part 1 How to Leverage COIs and Referrals to Growth Your Business Part 2 Jennifer Bacarella’s journey in the financial planning industry is a testament to the power of building strong relationships and leveraging Centers of Influence (COIs). Her approach to building rapport with clients […]

Starting Your Own Practice with Ty B. Kopke

Ty. B. Kopke founded Silver Oak Leaf Financial Services LLC to provide comprehensive financial planning, specializing in small business owners and military personnel. Although he had several job offers from the largest broker-dealers, he wanted to focus on taking care of his clients rather than selling products and generating more assets under management. While attending […]

Featuring Veteran Pilot Financial Advisor, Brian Scott’s MBA Financial Planning Experience at California Lutheran University.

Brian Scott’s passion is to work with women clients & finance after he completes his education at California Lutheran University. Before studying for his MBA in Financial Planning, Scott joined the Marine Corps and served as a Pilot for the United States of America. After graduating from California Lutheran University, he plans to partner with […]

California Lutheran University Financial Planning Featuring Faculty William Klepper, MBA, CFP ®

August 5, 2021 Professor William (Bill) Klepper started his career in teaching by “picking up the phone.” His employer, Bill Mason, asked him one day if he would be interested in teaching. Having thought about the idea of it previously, Klepper enthusiastically replied with a yes. When interviewing for the job, one of the questions […]

California Lutheran University Financial Planning Featuring Student Don Padilla

Don Padilla started his career in insurance and financial services, pivoting to the world of sports and entertainment management. Padilla is CEO of MVP Sports & Entertainment Management in Los Angeles. Ten years ago, he started his MBA at California Lutheran University and passed his CFP®in 2014.   Returning to His MBA Fast forward to the […]

California Lutheran University Financial Planning Featuring Student Anne Wittig

July 19, 2021 When Anne Wittig was in second grade, her father taught her sister and herself how to budget. This is a skill that Wittig used as an undergraduate at college and the jobs that followed. “I learned how much of a privilege it was. I saw friends and co-workers struggling to try to […]

California Lutheran University Financial Planning Scholarship 2021 Awardee Laura Lee

July 6, 2021 In June 2021 the California Lutheran University Financial Planning scholarship was awarded to Laura Lee. This scholarship was jointly established with the CFP Board Center for Financial Planning. Scholarships aim to help increase the number of CFP® professionals from populations currently underrepresented in the financial planning profession regarding gender, race, and ethnicity. […]

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