First, Congratulations, Class of 2024, for completing three to four years of all-nighters, cramming finals, and typing papers. Your friends and family members must be proud of all your accomplishments. However, the pandemic and the rising cost of goods and services, has created a  competitive market with many opportunities and jobs. There are several things graduates can do while they wait for the recovery of the economy and the job market.


Learn New Skills

As businesses continue to innovate with new products and services, so do the employees who work for these companies. Gaining more knowledge can be in the form of taking online courses, receiving certifications through an education platform, or taking licensing exams. Having certifications and licenses will impress employers and allow you to learn new skills that will open doors to high-paying job opportunities.


Create A Side Gig

There must have been a time in your life when you always wanted to start a business but didn’t have the time or resources. Well, there are businesses anyone can start with little to no initial investment. For example, starting a tutoring business or a marketing agency can bring in some cash to help pay for necessities. Starting a business takes time, effort, dedication, and passion. Another great tip is to start a company you are passionate about which satisfies you.


Budget Your Expenses

With our uncertain situation, many people must limit spending and avoid debt as much as possible. Furthermore, restricting spending and avoiding debt can benefit your overall financial stability.


Attend Virtual Networking Events

Many networking events are now virtual and in-person. Networking via Zoom or other video conferencing platforms can allow graduates to meet recruiters and learn more about their companies. Perhaps they may have open positions available. Finally, reaching out to your current network is crucial by sending them an email, a text, or a greeting card.