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Planning in a Pandemic: What Your Clients Should Do Now?

Discussion topics will include strategies that enable clients to take advantage of the current depressed asset values and low rates, the value of growth of assets outside of the federal and state (if applicable) estate tax, the benefit of paying taxes on behalf of a grantor trust and implementation considerations when making the gift. Key […]

A Niche practice of “Family Office” by Elizabeth Campana, CFP®

A Niche Practice of “Family Office” by Elizabeth Campana  Elizabeth Campana’s career paths demonstrate how the financial industry is a flexible field with various areas within it to work in. Her career story also shows how there are multiple ways to transition within the industry including into her current field of work- single-family office.  After […]

NAIFA LA: Selling a Planning Practice: The Relationship between Revenue Multiple and Revenue Size

NAIFA LA Meeting: Selling a Planning Practice: The Relationship between Revenue Multiple and Revenue Size The owner’s financial service business is required to meet industry compliance, as well as the owner’s retirement, needs to exit successfully. To do so, they often rely on appraisers or financial intermediaries to facilitate the exit or succession transition. The […]

Federal Income Tax returns & Business Stimulus Package

Join Hratch J Karakachian, CPA, ESQ  and  Chia-Li Chien, Ph.D., CFP®, PMP®  to discuss the recent Stimulus Package. First, we’ll discuss the Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced special Federal income tax return filing and payment relief in response to the ongoing Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) emergency. Then Dr. Chien will talk about […]

SECURE Act: What do you need to know?

Dr. Chien will interview Hratch J Karakachian, CPA, ESQ about SECURE Act. What you need to know to help your clients and CFP exam? Attorney Karakachian is a senior adjunct faculty member at California Lutheran University School of Management.  He has been teaching in the MBA in Financial Planning Program since 2013.  He has taught Principles […]

Asset Protection Trust (Jun 13, 2019)

Asset Protection Trust Jun 13, 2019 start 3_06 Transcript

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