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Biden Tax Updates with Colleen Carcone J.D., CFP® (12/07/2021)

Colleen Carcone J.D., CFP®, presented “Biden Tax Updates” on Dec. 07, 2021, at 05:00 PM PDT. There are a lot of priorities from the Biden-Harris Administration Immediate Priorities, American Rescue Plan, and the American Jobs Plan, just to name a few. Attorney Carcone will help us to break down what changes are expected in the next few years. Guest: Colleen Carcone […]

FinServ Foundation Info Session (11/09/2021)

The FinServ Foundation and California Lutheran University are partnering to offer students the opportunity to apply to the FinServ Program. The Carson Group partnered with BlackRock to develop a program for undergraduates interested in joining the financial planning services industry. Participants will gain both a broad and deep understanding of the financial services profession, as […]

Diversitas Regional Event (11/02/2021)

Tuesday, November 2nd at 4:30 PM – 6:30 PM via Zoom This event was the first Diversitas regional event hosted by California Lutheran University Financial Planning and California State University Northridge Financial Planning. Diversitas is an event where financial planners and wealth managers come together with career influencers to discuss financial planning with young people and […]

What Matters the Most? with Kathleen M. Rehl, Ph.D., CFP®, CeFT® (11/09/2021)

Dr. Chien interviewed Kathleen M. Rehl, Ph.D., CFP®, CeFT®, on “What Matters the Most? Help Your Clients Write Legacy Letters for Family and Friends” on Nov. 09, 2021, at 02:00 PM PDT. In the Estate Planning Section from the comprehensive financial planning, we often recommend clients to write a “final letter of last instruction.” A final letter […]

Changing Your Financial Behaviors Through Stories with Jake Cousineau (11/02/2021)

Dr. Chien interviewed Jake Cousineau, on “Changing Your Financial Behaviors Through Stories ” on Nov 02, 2021, at 02:00 PM PDT. We learn how to manage money in very different ways. Some of us are lucky to have excellent role models at home. For example, Dr. Chien watched, learned, and modeled after her parents at a […]

Why you should consider using a Trust company to manage your assets? with Eric W. Cosentino, CTFA (10/19/2021)

Dr. Chien interviewed Eric W. Cosentino, CTFA, on “Why you should consider using a Trust company to manage your assets?” on Oct. 19, 2021, at 2:00 PM PDT. Certified Financial Planner or CFP® often recommends the clients set up a trust when their financial situation warrants such a valuable tool.  One out of five financial advisors […]

Integrating Interpersonal Neurobiology into Financial Planning with Julie Fortin, CFP®, FBS®, CeFT® (10/05/2021-Canceled)

Due to an unforeseen situation, our guest  Julie Fortin, CFP®, FBS®, CeFT® canceled this interview on Oct. 5, 2021, at 2:00 PM PDT. We sincerely apology the inconvenience. We will re-schedule Dr. Chien to interview Julie Fortin, CFP®, FBS®, CeFT®, on “Integrating Interpersonal Neurobiology into Financial Planning” in Spring 2022. Guest: Julie Fortin, CFP®, FBS®, CeFT®, is a Partner and […]

California Lutheran University Financial Planning Featuring Student Andrew Martz

September 2, 2021 When Andrew Martz was an undergraduate at Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey, he was also an athlete swimmer. Any time he wasn’t swimming or training, he was studying for his degree in Business and Technology. Swimming is an individual sport, Martz explained, but it is scored as a team. Martz […]

Applying Financial Behaviors to Build Your Wealth with Joel Franks (09/21/2021)

Dr. Chia-Li Chien, CFP, PMP interviewed Joel Franks, on “Applying Financial Behaviors to Build Your Wealth” on Sept 21, 2021, at 2:00 PM PDT. From consumers to financial planning practitioners, everyone needs to understand what financial behaviors are. However, very few know how to apply them when working with clients. In this interview, Dr. Chien […]

Sell with Emotion Through Social Media with Sarah E. Williams (09/07/2021)

Dr. Chia-Li Chien, CFP, PMP, interviewed Sarah E. Williams, on “Sell with Emotion Through Social Media” on Sept 07, 2021, at 2:00 PM PDT. Peer-influencing has dominated how consumers seek advice. Many financial planning practitioners navigate popular social media platforms with compliance guards.  Ms. Williams will share with us how to best leverage social media platforms with […]

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