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How to Counsel Clients Without Shaming Them?

How to Counsel Clients Without Shaming Them?    Dr. Ekta Kumar opened up the webinar by explaining the difference between the interchangeable words; shaming and guilt. Shaming she said is having a judgment on an individual. It can then be hard to make change happen when feeling overwhelmed with this emotion. For example, “I’m terrible at […]

How to Use Effective Communication to Lead Clients?

How to Use Financial Counseling and Coaching Skills to Help Your Clients?   Failure scares many of us, if not all of us in some way. Whether it is something big like not achieving our dream job or something small like undercooking a chocolate birthday cake. Carrie Beckstrom, an expert in communicating and the CEO of […]

Women in Financial Services

Women in Financial Services  Daralee Barbera started her career as a maths teacher in the day and a college professor at night. Fast forward a few decades later to the present day, and she now has a very different career to the one she started with. For the last 34 years, she has worked in […]

Commission vs. Ethics (Fiduciary?) – Igor Zey

Igor Zey discusses commissions in the workplace, whether it is ethical or not, and fiduciaries.