Working with Women as Clients

“Women look at money as a lake perceiving it as a finite source. Men look at it as a river constantly renewing,” said Linda Clayton quoting Liz Pearl at the beginning of her webinar  Working with Women as Clients.

As someone who knows very little about finances, it was very surprising to learn that there is such a great difference between men and women when it comes to handling money. I liked that she started the webinar with this quote as it set the tone of what to expect from the rest. Women do not think nor do they act in the same way as men which can be troublesome when Certified Financial Planners work with couples. 

As a young woman myself I didn’t realize how many women, in particular those married to men, that don’t take time to learn about their finances and don’t invest. Clayton believes that the reason comes from traditional ideas that women are too busy with motherhood and the man as the provider dominated the more traditional male roles within their lives including the finances. I was particularly surprised when Clayton said that half of marriages end in divorce, but men are providing 80% of the household. This statistic made me very aware that I need to make sure that as a woman I can support myself in case this happens to me later in life. As women we should work towards having financial stability and a plan to support ourselves. 

However, I think this is changing, I believe women are no longer taking the back seat in today’s society when it comes to finances. This can be seen on our campus; there are so many amazing, young women working hard towards their career which in return will financially support them to be independent. 

Clayton ended the talk by saying, “we’re working forward making sure that these women are empowered, educated and no longer fearful about managing money.” I believe it’s important to encourage women to be more involved with their finances and take control of their long term plans. When they begin this journey they don’t need to know everything which I think can be easy to feel like you need  to do. 


Portrait Photo of Linda Clayton About the Speaker: Linda Clayton has an MBA in Financial Planning from California Lutheran University, as well as being an adjunct professor there. She is a Certified Financial Planner and Wealth Advisor in Downtown Los Angeles. 
0 About the Author:Rosie Baker is a undergraduate student at California Lutheran University studying Communications with an emphasis in PR and Advertising. She is also minoring in Creative Writing. 


Linda Clayton. 

To watch the archived webinar, click the link below:

Working With Women – Webinar

(March 7, 2019 at 12pm)


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