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Michael Sklar ’16

Michael Sklar

Through my participation in the College Republican club I was able to attend the Republican Presidential Debate at the Reagan Library. I volunteered in the spin room and was able to assist the staff by guiding the candidates into the spin room and to the different media outlets.

Political Science

Pierce Hening ’16

Pierce Hening

I love both physics and music production passionately, and I wanted a challenge that reflects my capabilities. My double major expresses my ideas about developing intelligence along with talent and a bit of charisma. I love to do what is unexpected, maybe even irregular, and surprise people with capabilities they didn’t know I had.

Music Production, Physics

Harold Muliadi ’14

Harold Muliadi

When I paint or draw figurative work, I do what figurative artists tend to do: I idealize my subjects. In my case, though, this idealization has somewhat less to do with desirable proportions or complexion than it might for many artists; rather, the idealized person is confident and strong, the master of his or her own world: human, yet exuding all of the poise and dignity of a god.


Amy Lai ’17

Amy Lai

The first thing I tell any pre-med student I meet is to discover if this is really the field you want to pursue by working in clinics or the hospital because I always say, “How can you know that you want to be a doctor if you have yet to experience what it’s like to be a doctor?”

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Undergraduate

Kristin Hijazin ’18

Kristin Hijazin

The most valuable portion of the pre-med program for me has been meeting other like-minded students who have similar goals.

Exercise Science, Undergraduate

Olivia Marcey ’17

Olivia Marcey

I love that I am able to have one major that is specifically focused on one area of study, but that I am also in the position to incorporate an interdisciplinary major such as Global Studies into my academic experience at Cal Lutheran. I believe this will broaden both my appeal to potential employers, as well as my overall world-view.

Global Studies, Political Science, Undergraduate

Alesandria Posada ’16

Alesandria Posada

Every day I go to class or meet a new person on campus I learn something new that shapes the person I am today. I’m not afraid to pursue new goals or venture down a different path because CLU has encouraged me to do this during my college career.

Communication, Undergraduate

Chelsea Graf ’12 ’15

Chelsea Graf

While at Cal Lutheran, I was challenged in many ways to push my limits academically and reach higher heights. The history program was one of the hardest things I have ever accomplished, but I graduated in time and with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

History, Preliminary Teaching Credentials, Undergraduate

George Nasr ’16

George Nasr

I think the biggest inspiration I’ve received from a class here was Computer Graphics with Dr. Reinhart. We utilized Linear Algebra tricks to perform some pretty cool graphical manipulations. The math and programming behind them required time and patience, but it was very worth while.

Computer Science, Mathematics

Tristen Burt ’15

Tristen Burt

My research was focused on identifying mutations in common canine cancers and examining how they relate to human cancers.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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