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Pierce Hening ’16

Pierce Hening

I love both physics and music production passionately, and I wanted a challenge that reflects my capabilities. My double major expresses my ideas about developing intelligence along with talent and a bit of charisma. I love to do what is unexpected, maybe even irregular, and surprise people with capabilities they didn’t know I had.

Music Production, Physics

Tristen Burt ’15

Tristen Burt

My research was focused on identifying mutations in common canine cancers and examining how they relate to human cancers.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Jacob Burman ’15

Jacob Burman

Working this summer with Dr. Kingsbury was eye-opening to say the least. Every day was an adventure in learning all the advanced techniques that professional chemists use to expertly manipulate materials.


Marina Alvarez ’15

Marina Alvarez

I fell in love with street art while studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Working with Dr. Fiore, I decided to focus on Latinas making street art, and graffiti and muralism in Los Angeles.

Global Studies, Spanish

Su Ji Hong ’15

Su Ji Hong

The faculty at Cal Lutheran really take an interest in students’ performances and their interest in their fields. They were always open to talk to me about any questions I have about the academics, graduate schools, and possible jobs I could apply to.

Mathematics, Physics

Danielle Renee Montoya ’15

Danielle Renee Montoya

The Swenson Science Summer Fellowship helped me to learn more about what to expect out of the trial and error process and how to encounter the unexpected in a lab setting.

Biology, Global Studies

Eric Henderson ’14

Eric Henderson at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

The research I conducted this year was in the area of neutrino physics, in association with the MicroBooNE collaboration at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory.


Brittany Smolarski ’16

Brittany Smolarski in the lab

The Swenson Summer Research Fellowship has provided me with the opportunity to not only expand my organic chemistry knowledge, but to also delve into the world of scientific discovery and grow as a student, researcher, and a person.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology