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Tag: Graduate Student

Chelsea Graf ’12 ’15

Chelsea Graf

While at Cal Lutheran, I was challenged in many ways to push my limits academically and reach higher heights. The history program was one of the hardest things I have ever accomplished, but I graduated in time and with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

History, Preliminary Teaching Credentials, Undergraduate

Elizabeth Geringer, M.S. ’12

Elizabeth Geringer

I have always wanted to teach, and I originally thought I was going back to school just to get my credential. But I fell in love with Neuro-Psychology along the way. I became fascinated with the brain and how it related to emotional experiences in life.

Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology

Christophe Grall

Christophe Grall

Dr. Cosenza takes time to talk. He’s very professional and helped me a lot to fully integrate on campus, no small feat for an international student not used to the American educational system.

Preliminary Teaching Credentials

Dimitris Politopoulos, MBA ’07

Dimitris Politopoulos (left)

While a student at the MBA of the School of Management I realized that my background in agriculture, along with the valuable knowledge provided by Cal Lutheran’s academic staff, couldn’t be better used but to my own business.


Stephanie Saindon-Kaneen, M.S. ’13

Stephanie Saindon-Kaneen

I owe everything I am to Cal Lutheran. Everything I was learning applied to my new position, I found my passion, and I am now giving back.

M.S. Counseling and College Student Personnel