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Harold Muliadi ’14

Harold Muliadi

When I paint or draw figurative work, I do what figurative artists tend to do: I idealize my subjects. In my case, though, this idealization has somewhat less to do with desirable proportions or complexion than it might for many artists; rather, the idealized person is confident and strong, the master of his or her own world: human, yet exuding all of the poise and dignity of a god.


Greg Salazar ’14

George Salazar

Go to Career Services and help set yourself up for an internship freshman year. Yes, you may think it’s too early, but you want to do this right away. This can help as a stepping stone for a career, graduate school, or whatever you choose.

Chemistry, Physics

Dimitris Politopoulos, MBA ’07

Dimitris Politopoulos (left)

While a student at the MBA of the School of Management I realized that my background in agriculture, along with the valuable knowledge provided by Cal Lutheran’s academic staff, couldn’t be better used but to my own business.


Kristi (Wolzmuth) Staley ’06

Kristi Wolzmuth Staley

I’ve always been plugged in to current events. What fascinates me as much as the news stories themselves is what goes on behind the scenes to produce them. I always knew it was a process I had to be a part of.


Stephanie Saindon-Kaneen, M.S. ’13

Stephanie Saindon-Kaneen

I owe everything I am to Cal Lutheran. Everything I was learning applied to my new position, I found my passion, and I am now giving back.

M.S. Counseling and College Student Personnel

Sam Theis ’14

Sam Theis at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

I’m an OMS-I at LECOM pursuing a degree in Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.). I am also funding my education through a military scholarship as a Second Lieutenant in the US Air Force (which I highly recommend to any aspiring docs, by the way).

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Chelsea Fletcher ’13

Chelsea Fletcher

I am doing mostly doing field work for California State Parks. From invasive plant management, vegetation surveys, endangered animal surveys and outreach, to growing plants in our nursery for upcoming restoration projects, to nocturnal pollinator studies, and much more.

Art, Environmental Science

Michael Mayers ’14

Michael Mayers hiking in Nevada

I’m in my first years of PhD studies in Biochemistry at The Scripps Research Institute. I’m studying the microbiome, which is just a fancy word to describe the bacteria that live in a person’s gut.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology