Dimitris Politopoulos (left)

Dimitris Politopoulos (left) representing Greek agriculture and food production

Graduate Program: Master of Business Administration (Marketing)

I grew up in a very hard working business environment. The city of Pyrgos in Peloponnese, where I was born and raised, is at the South Western part of mainland Greece and it is a highly productive place in terms of agricultural and food production. Moreover, my undergraduate studies are on Agricultural Business.

While being a student at the MBA of the School of Management at Cal Lutheran I realized that the above background along with the valuable knowledge provided by Cal Lutheran’s academic staff couldn’t be better used but to my own business. So, instantly after my first job as a Product Specialist in Athens, I moved back to Pyrgos and established “mfasis” with Sofia Pouha. We consulted to agricultural and food producing businesses on food quality and safety as well as on marketing.

However, consulting to this type of companies and professionals it was itself growing inside me a strong will to create a brand and establish a start up on food trade and especially on high quality – localy produced goods. That is how “776 Deluxe Foods S.A.” was born. Today, I have the opportunity to implement on a daily basis what I was taught at Cal Lutheran. 
It is quite exciting.