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Category: Communication

Alesandria Posada ’16

Alesandria Posada

Every day I go to class or meet a new person on campus I learn something new that shapes the person I am today. I’m not afraid to pursue new goals or venture down a different path because CLU has encouraged me to do this during my college career.

Communication, Undergraduate

Elizabeth Roemisch ’16

Eliza Roemisch

Majoring in Communications was a great choice for me because while marketing is about numbers and academics, advertising design is creative. I get the best of both worlds which is very much who I am.


Kristi (Wolzmuth) Staley ’06

Kristi Wolzmuth Staley

I’ve always been plugged in to current events. What fascinates me as much as the news stories themselves is what goes on behind the scenes to produce them. I always knew it was a process I had to be a part of.