"Raisins" by Elizabeth Roemisch

“Raisins” by Elizabeth Roemisch

Major: Communications

Minor: Art

Eliza Roemisch

Elizabeth Roemisch

What made you chose your major? How has it proven to be the right choice for you?

I chose my major after an internship in my city’s marketing department opened me up to the world of marketing and design. It’s been a great choice for me because while marketing is about numbers and academics, advertising design is creative. I get the best of both worlds which is very much who I am.

Can you describe the ComicComm (COMM 482) for fellow students? What were some takeaways from the experience?

It was both a communications course focusing on the history and ethics of comic books worldwide and an art class where we learned how to develop our own comic book from start to finish. My biggest takeaway is to never underestimate the power of any medium. Comics and their creators are incredible!

What do you hope to be doing after graduation?

When I graduate I want to go into graphic design, specifically advertising design and branding.