Elizabeth Geringer

Elizabeth Geringer

Graduate Program: Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology

Elizabeth Geringer is one of 16 students – the entire first generation of candidates in the Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology program at California Lutheran University, which began classes in 2010 – to receive placement in national internships upon completion of the program.

Geringer – who will be interning with the Reiss Davis Child Study Center in Los Angeles – credits her success in large part to the Psy D program’s emphasis on experiential learning, and its unique Practicum, in which students receive hands-on training and the opportunity to apply for working positions with participating institutions.

Geringer worked for two years through the Psy.D. practicum and Ventura County Behavioral Health at Simi Youth and Family Services. There, under the mentorship of Dr. Kenneth Williams, her talent and interest in working with children led to the opportunity to develop her own unique and successful testing protocol.

“When I interviewed (with Reiss-Davis), they were completely focused on the work I had been doing. It was a more collegial conversation than interview, really. They wanted to talk about my reports, how I came to my conclusions… They were impressed with my work outside the classroom, and saw me as completely ready.”

Having returned to school at age 30 with a family of four at home, Geringer appreciates the emphasis Cal Lutheran places on discovering a sense of purpose while in school.

Elizabeth has realized her ambition to teach as well. She’s been teaching at Cal Lutheran since receiving her Master’s in Psychology in 2012, as part of the Psy D program. But for helping her to change course and find her own best path, she credits the individual attention and encouragement she received as a student:

“Cal Lutheran does a phenomenal job helping students with their individual ambitions. They are very personalized in their teaching approach. They guide and mentor each student to make sure everyone is meeting their individual goals.”

Elizabeth Geringer will receive her doctorate in Clinical Psychology after completing her internship with Reiss Davis.