Cecilia Lindgren in Rehearsals for "Stop Kiss"

Cecilia Lindgren in rehearsals for “Stop Kiss”

Major: Theatre Arts

What drew you to performing in “Stop Kiss”?

When the theatre department first announced that we were doing “Stop Kiss” I had a vague idea of what it was about. After the announcement some of my friends and I looked it up and discovered that it was a story about two women falling in love and then finding strength in their love to go on. After I first read it I was hooked and I knew that even if I was not on stage for the show I needed to work on it in some capacity. After getting cast I discovered new bits of information that helped to fuel my passion for the play. It is not only about loving others but also about loving yourself. Callie, whom I play, has to figure out how to love herself before she can truly love Sara. I think that this is a very important message because I believe that loving oneself is the truest form of love and is necessary to survive.

Do you feel like the academics in Theatre Arts have value helped your acting?

I do think that the Theatre Arts classes have helped me grow as an actress and as a person. They challenge the students to work harder and to learn more about everything that surrounds us. We do not just focus on warm-ups and how to speak on stage, we also study the history of theatre and we are encouraged to broaden our intellect by taking classes outside of theatre. This helps us become more knowledgeable when we are faced with challenging roles and situations. This also prepares us for situations in our daily lives that are not connected the theatre in which we might need to know about world economics or the religions that inspired different movements, theatrical and otherwise.

How do you describe the Theatre Arts major to fellow students?

I would describe the Theatre Arts major as a challenging but rewarding major. It is challenging because the professors push the students to do their very best. They want each and every student to succeed in whatever path they choose to follow. The students are usually self motivated because there is no slacking when you know you have to perform something in front of professionals and your peers. But it is also extremely rewarding because it helps you connect with so many different people from so many different backgrounds. It also helps the students connect with their emotions and become more open to the different environments that surround us. It is such a wonderful and loving department because we accept anyone who has the willingness to be there.

Cecilia Lindgren

Cecilia Lindgren

Do you feel that Cal Lutheran was the right choice for you in pursuing your goals for after graduation?

Yes I do think that Cal Lutheran was the right choice for me because of the proximity to Los Angeles and other theatre companies. It is much easier to get jobs in the performing arts if you can make connections with people who are currently working. The professors bring in professionals from time to time to talk to us about working in this field and we can start making our connections when we talk to them. I already have some people that I know I can reach out to if I ever have any questions about working professionally or about getting jobs after college. All of these have been because of the professors at CLU and the opportunities that they give us.