Jimmy Sweeden

Jimmy Sweeden

Major: Business Administration (Small Business/Entrepreneurship)

Minor: Youth Ministry

What are your goals after graduation?

I am currently researching the business of faith-based filmmaking. After graduation, I plan on working in this particular industry. I would also like to continue working with youth.

Do you feel like Cal Lutheran has helped you discover your purpose?

I have found purpose at Cal Lutheran. I do not know where I will be in 5 or 10 years, but I feel that right now I am where I belong.

Are you finding that your emphasis in small business and entrepreneurship is helping to inform your research into starting your own business? 

I have definitely found a lot of value in my Small Business/Entrepreneurship emphasis. I am currently working with one of my Entrepreneurship professors on an independent project. I have also found this field of study to be useful in other aspects of my life. My knowledge of business and entrepreneurial thinking has complemented my music and ministry endeavors.

Have your studies in music been furthered by activities outside of the classroom? Are those opportunities provided or supported by the Music department and its faculty?

Cal Lutheran’s music program is fantastic. The talented faculty will help any student achieve (or even exceed) their music-related goals. I have certainly been able to further my music studies outside of the classroom. In fact, I currently teach a high school church choir because of an opportunity that Dr. Morton presented to me. In addition, I sing in the Kingsmen Quartet, which is organized through the music department, and regularly lead worship with a band I met through Cal Lutheran faculty.

Any advice for incoming students about how to make the most of their time at Cal Lutheran?

My advice for incoming students is to be present. Don’t get so wrapped up in planning the rest of your life that you miss out on things going on around you. It’s good to have an idea of where you might want to go, but be open to how you get there. Your plans are probably going to change anyway.

Jimmy sang goodbye to Cal Lutheran and his fellow graduates with a live performance during Commencement 2015 that earned a standing ovation.  Check out Jimmy’s 2015 Commencement Song.