Raquel Weckhurst (and daughter)

Raquel Weckhurst (and daughter)

Major: Sociology

My name is Raquel Weckhurst. I am a junior at Cal Lutheran, expected to graduate spring of 2016. I am a full time student, as well as a student athlete playing soccer. and a full time mother to my soon to be one year old daughter, Elsie.

What did you take away from  Immigration in the Golden Age (SOC 318)?

I thoroughly enjoyed my Immigration in the Global Age course. I feel that I gained a great deal of knowledge regarding the history of immigration in America as well as a deeper understanding of how immigrants assimilate into American society, both socioeconomically as well as politically. We visited Thai Town, as a class, to experience firsthand how Thai immigrants are integrating into American way of life. There I learned about many of the struggles Thai immigrants are faced with as well as how strong they maintain their ethnic identities through their annual Thai festival, which I also attended. It was a beautiful experience that I will never forget.

What are your goals after graduation?

After I graduate I plan to get a job working for Los Angeles County, Department of Child Support Services. I hope to one day be in a position in which I can help improve family situations as well as remove children from harsh circumstances. I believe that, while life can be unfair at times and we all make mistakes, it is something that all should be able to cherish. My heart goes out to those that are hurting and at a loss of hope. I want to help children and parents turn their lives around and see the beauty they may have forgotten so that they may enjoy their lives to fullest.