Victoria Butsky

Victoria Butsky

Majors: Economics, Mathematics

My name is Victoria Butsky. I am from San Jose, California, and I am a sophomore.

What has your student experience been like?

My experience with the math department has been nothing but positive. The classes have been very interactive and focused on the critical thinking and beauty behind math. Dr. Brown was very supportive and helped me figure out where my passions are.

The economics department at Cal Lutheran has many different opportunities and ways to get involved. From the economics club to CERF, there is plenty to do. Dr. Hamilton has helped me really get immersed in the field and learn what it is all about.

How has your double major helped you?

By having a solid math background, I know how to go more in depth into economic concepts. What I’m learning in class becomes more dynamic and more complex (in the best way possible) because I know more of what lies ahead. By knowing these practical applications in mathematics, it makes both majors more fun and more in depth. These two topics work really well together and accentuate the best qualities in each field.

What made you fall in love with Cal Lutheran?

The first thing that made me fall in love with Cal Lutheran was the willingness of the faculty to help out. I took advantage of the office hours offered for my DifEq class and by getting extra help, I was able to form connections with faculty that lead me down a path I never could have imagined. From adding a math minor for fun, I ended up completely changing my majors and career path. Dr. Brown from the math department referred me to Dr. Hamilton from the economics department and I was able to get involved with CERF.

What surprised you most about Cal Lutheran?

What surprised me about Cal Lutheran was the sheer amount of opportunities that are available to you if you seek them out. You can get ahead and take on much more than bigger schools. Professors know you by name and are there for you if you just ask. I did not anticipate how useful and welcoming this would be.

What are your post-graduation plans?

After graduation, I want to go to grad school for economics and do research.