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Consider a Career in Financial Planning with Dominique J. Henderson Sr. CFP® (1/25/2022)

Dominique J. Henderson Sr. CFP® has been in the financial services industry since 1998. Ever since he attended elementary school, he was passionate about helping people “win with their money.” With over two decades of experience in the financial services industry, he has built a diverse skill set in strategy, data analysis, investment research, portfolio […]

Diversitas Regional Event (11/02/2021)

Tuesday, November 2nd at 4:30 PM – 6:30 PM via Zoom This event was the first Diversitas regional event hosted by California Lutheran University Financial Planning and California State University Northridge Financial Planning. Diversitas is an event where financial planners and wealth managers come together with career influencers to discuss financial planning with young people and […]

Integrating Interpersonal Neurobiology into Financial Planning with Julie Fortin, CFP®, FBS®, CeFT® (10/05/2021-Canceled)

Due to an unforeseen situation, our guest  Julie Fortin, CFP®, FBS®, CeFT® canceled this interview on Oct. 5, 2021, at 2:00 PM PDT. We sincerely apology the inconvenience. We will re-schedule Dr. Chien to interview Julie Fortin, CFP®, FBS®, CeFT®, on “Integrating Interpersonal Neurobiology into Financial Planning” in Spring 2022. Guest: Julie Fortin, CFP®, FBS®, CeFT®, is a Partner and […]

Applying Financial Behaviors to Build Your Wealth with Joel Franks (09/21/2021)

Dr. Chia-Li Chien, CFP, PMP interviewed Joel Franks, on “Applying Financial Behaviors to Build Your Wealth” on Sept 21, 2021, at 2:00 PM PDT. From consumers to financial planning practitioners, everyone needs to understand what financial behaviors are. However, very few know how to apply them when working with clients. In this interview, Dr. Chien […]

California Lutheran University Financial Planning Featuring Student Don Padilla

Don Padilla started his career in insurance and financial services, pivoting to the world of sports and entertainment management. Padilla is CEO of MVP Sports & Entertainment Management in Los Angeles. Ten years ago, he started his MBA at California Lutheran University and passed his CFP®in 2014.   Returning to His MBA Fast forward to the […]

California Lutheran University Financial Planning Featuring Faculty Saundra Davis MS, FFC®, FBS®

Professor Saundra Davis is a life-long learner. Having joined the Navy straight out of high school, Davis went to community college later in life to further her education. Her mentor, Doris Holmes, told her that there are no shortcuts to getting what you want and helped her get a scholarship to Golden Gate University, a […]

Financial Planning Program Ranked #7 out of 10

This week it was announced that the California Lutheran University Financial Planning Program has been ranked number 7 in the top 10 for best online CFP programs! Competing against ten other programs, the California Lutheran University program is one of the oldest programs along with the College of Financial Planning who ranked number 1. California […]

How to Attract Women Clients?

 May 18, 2021 How to Attract Women Clients?   Dr. Shine Lei is one of few individuals to have a CFP ® certification in both the U.S. and China. In the webinar, “How to Attract Women Clients?” Dr. Lei shares her research and insight on working with women clients.    Her career began as a trained […]

How Can Advisors Improve Tele-Financial Planning? (04/06/21)

April 6, 2021 How Can Advisors Improve Tele-Financial Planning?    Before becoming a financial planner, Derek Sensenig was a military training instructor. Unsure what career to pursue, Sensenig put himself out into the world and rapidly networked with those he met through varying opportunities. It was then he found a job at a bank through a […]

Lead Like an Ally

February 2,  2021 Lead Like an Ally    Julie Kratz’s passion and calling in life is to help others with the often difficult conversation of diversity, equality, and inclusion, leading as an ally for others. Working in corporate America for 12 years while also earning an MBA, Kratz had the opportunity to help women leaders with […]

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