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How to Attract Women Clients? (05/18/21)

Dr. Chien interviewed Dr. Shine Lei, CFA, CFP®, on “How to Attract Women Clients?” on May 18, 2021, at 1:00 pm PST. Many financial planning practitioners like to work with women clients. As matter of fact, many planning firms are created by women and service only women. Women clients might be your target market. You […]

How Can Advisors Improve Tele-Financial Planning? (04/06/21)

April 6, 2021 How Can Advisors Improve Tele-Financial Planning?    Before becoming a financial planner, Derek Sensenig was a military training instructor. Unsure what career to pursue, Sensenig put himself out into the world and rapidly networked with those he met through varying opportunities. It was then he found a job at a bank through a […]

Lead Like an Ally

February 2,  2021 Lead Like an Ally    Julie Kratz’s passion and calling in life is to help others with the often difficult conversation of diversity, equality, and inclusion, leading as an ally for others. Working in corporate America for 12 years while also earning an MBA, Kratz had the opportunity to help women leaders with […]

Why is Talent Management Important for Financial Planning Practices?

November 11, 2020 Why is Talent Management Important for Financial Planning Practices?     We all know the definition of talent and management, but what exactly does talent management mean? Vlad Vaiman explored this definition when opening his webinar interview with Dr. Chia-Li Chien. Essentially, talent management is a set of meaningful techniques. Vaiman explained there are […]

How to Enhance a Diverse Environment to Grow Your Practice?

How to Enhance a Diverse Environment to Grow Your Practice  Diversity has been an important topic this year, but how do you define diversity and what does it mean? Dr. Daralee Barbera is a professor, professional business coach, consultant, speaker, and author with an EdD in Leadership and Organizational Change from the University of Southern […]

How to Use Financial Counseling and Coaching Skills to Help Your Clients?

How to Use Financial Counseling and Coaching Skills to Help Your Clients?   Saundra Davis has spent her career helping others. Before working in financial planning, Davis spent 20 years working in nonprofits. It was there she realized the power in helping people who are less fortunate to go to college, have a home, and get […]

A Niche with COIs

A Niche of CIOS Ever since Kathryn Courain was 6 years old she has loved horseriding. Growing up in Santa Barbara County, north of Los Angeles, she spent her childhood surrounding herself with horses. From a young age, she was taught the importance of discipline, structure, and initiated a competitive drive within herself.  Courain earned […]

A Niche practice of “Family Office” by Elizabeth Campana, CFP®

A Niche Practice of “Family Office” by Elizabeth Campana  Elizabeth Campana’s career paths demonstrate how the financial industry is a flexible field with various areas within it to work in. Her career story also shows how there are multiple ways to transition within the industry including into her current field of work- single-family office.  After […]

Women in Financial Services

Women in Financial Services  Daralee Barbera started her career as a maths teacher in the day and a college professor at night. Fast forward a few decades later to the present day, and she now has a very different career to the one she started with. For the last 34 years, she has worked in […]

Decipher™ : Discover How you Think About Money – Linda Clayton, MBA, CFP®

Linda Clayton talks about a new software called Decipher, helping CFP’s understand clients.

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