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Financial Planning Scholarship Announcement

Earlier this year the CFP Board Center for Financial Planning and California Lutheran University announced a new joint scholarship program in an effort to increase the number of CFP professionals. At the beginning of August, the first inaugural recipient was announced, Tracy Thompson! A soon-to-be December 2020 graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Music […]

Two Practical Estate Planning Strategies for Trust

Trust is not the luxury of wealthy people; it also works for net worth falls within the federal estate tax exemption. According to the IRS 2020, the federal estate and gift tax exemption is $11.58 million for an individual and $23.16 million for a married couple in 2020. The reason for trust is an excellent […]

A Niche practice of “Family Office” by Elizabeth Campana, CFP®

A Niche Practice of “Family Office” by Elizabeth Campana  Elizabeth Campana’s career paths demonstrate how the financial industry is a flexible field with various areas within it to work in. Her career story also shows how there are multiple ways to transition within the industry including into her current field of work- single-family office.  After […]

Enhancing retirement success rates in the United States

Enhancing Retirement Success Rates in the United States  As college students, we have barely started our careers, let alone started thinking about them ending and our retirement. But, should we start thinking about it now at such a young age? Well, I think we should educate ourselves and start thinking about it. If we spend […]

Considering a Financial Planning Career? Is JP Morgan Chase right for you?

Are you considering a Financial Planning Career? Is JP Morgan Chase right for you?  When Danny Zelaya graduated from university, he wanted to be a pastor or teach religion. He had no interest in working in business, nor did he plan to work in the field. After being a pastor for two years, he moved […]

Year End Investment Planning – Jeremy Witbeck

Here is a transcript of the webinar: Cindy Grether:  Good morning everyone. Today’s presentation “Year End Investment Planning” is brought to you by California Lutheran University’s financial planning program. We have one of our instructors who is presenting today, it’s Jeremy Witbeck. Jeremy is also an alum of the program. He received his MBA and […]

Year End Tax Planning – Hratch Karakachian

Hratch Karakachian led a discussion on year end planning opportunities, tips, and techniques for individuals and business owners.

How to Leverage FinTech in Your Firm? – Jeffrey Lang, PhD candidate, MS, CFP®

Jeffrey Lang discusses the use of financial technology and the development of it in the financial workplace.

Decipher™ : Discover How you Think About Money – Linda Clayton, MBA, CFP®

Linda Clayton talks about a new software called Decipher, helping CFP’s understand clients.

Commission vs. Ethics (Fiduciary?) – Igor Zey

Igor Zey discusses commissions in the workplace, whether it is ethical or not, and fiduciaries.

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